Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4, 2009
How do knitters find time to do all that knitters do (other than knit) and still maintain family, friends, and funding? I look at the photos of completed projects and think, "Yeah, right, I can't even manage to find my camera half of the time, let alone take the time to photograph projects in whatever stage they are. I move cautiously along technology's tide and take an occasional dip; I am not a mermaid or fish.
I have completed one project that managed to captivate and capture, offering me no respite until it was done and on my head: it's from the adult tam pattern that sent out with the yarn for the "wee bonnet" featured in Piecework. (Yes, again I could not resist: colors like Mara and Whin, Red Rattle and Kittiwake render me totally weak at the knees and salivating at the mouth.) I shall try to take the photo and get it through all the necessary hoops, bells, and whistles.
I have been accepted at SchoolHouse Press's knitting camp for the second year in a row: I touched down in their Camp III last year (after several attempts in the past ten or twelve years), and they must have felt sorry for me: I actually am going to be able to partake in a workshop that is more to my level (my sister-in-law--not the scarf one!--came down to spend the weekend and brought up last year's camp. She asked how camp was: I replied that complete immersion may work for foreign language in high school but old brains cannot assimilate at the rate that the P2O's and the . . . well, you get the picture. She replied, "You didn't understand?" No, I did not--but I did have a grand time.)
So . . . now I have to come up with the funding that will allow me such a frivolity in today's economy. Sons' tuitions may have to come first.