Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The socks are done--the Potomatomus ones, that is! After the frustration of so much ripping and reading, reading and ripping, I got back online--only to discover that Knitty.com had extended the pattern beyond the margins of my printer. I was missing a column of pattern--and you can imagine the results.

I am Turbo-less this week: my crazed and zanny Manx "teenager" is at home with my boys. It's actually rather nice not to have to hold my skein tightly in my armpit to protect it. I had finally sacrificed a portion of my Cascade for my Two-at-a-Time socks but to no avail: this cat wants action--that yarn has to be snaking into my hands to be viable prey. He can jump from the coach to my lap, snag any unprotected ball, rip it away--and he's off and running, weaving a tangle around chair legs and rocker rungs. I may actually get that pair of socks finished this week. . . :-).

I'm also test-knitting a scarf pattern. I'm not sure the degree of confidentiality I'm supposed to be keeping, so I will leave it at that--but I'm eager to get it done and be back to my watch vest (I have been protecting it from you-know-who's onslaughts). Winter WILL come! and I want to be warm.