Monday, June 8, 2009

The wee bonnet on the cover of the January/February issue of Piecework has been set aside for another day: it's the adult tam pattern that Alice Starmore included with the kit that I am excited about. I ordered the kit and have knitted not one or two but three (well, almost three--I have a birthday gift due on Wednesday, and I'm half-done) with the yarn amount sent--and I still have a full skein of the base color, Mara, left (I may have to break into it to finish the top of the third tam). This is the best yarn bargain on the lot: I got it directly from for $44. So far that's 14.50 a tam--and I still have enough for at least one, perhaps two more (I had better get that wee bonnet squeezed in someplace).

It's summer and I'm a teacher, so that means the schedule has slowed a little. I'm also doing up the watch vest in Knitted Vests. I didn't like the texture so readjusted the stitch count (I'm doing it on 269 stitches, not 212) on smaller needles and am doing it in my favorite yarn: Heilo by Dale of Norway. I also didn't like the border--but that Chinese red vest a few pages over has an awesome one: garter, seed, and garter. It works wonderfully--so far :-).