Sunday, February 12, 2012

The pooling was too much: a beautiful pattern deserves the right platform. This is Maritime Felted Tweed by Rowan--a wool, alpaca, and viscose blend. I'm not sure about the propensities of viscose: I only hoping I will not have to darn or replace heels.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grumbling not an option

I realize I seem to be forever talking to the wind, but writing--just the process--reassures me I am articulate and worthy. If an administrator--and remember, I AM a teacher librarian extraordinare, according to all OPI pep talks--fails to see any need for me to be a major support system ("ah, I guess you take any projects that kids want to do about librarianship") and to get students engaged in true research rather than becoming "cut-and-paste" kings and queens (thank you, Cybil, the term is apropos, although you did not intend it for that purpose), then I realize I need to write. If a certain elementary teacher whispers behind my back (but within obvious hearing distance) that "the librarian" who would make her have her students cite resources on yet another full-blown, full-bore (as in "boredom")research project is so oblivious she (me, the librarian, of course--couldn't be anybody else, could it?:-)) doesn't have a clue that she (the delightful, experienced teacher, of course--I believe "legend in her own mind" does come to mine) didn't make the poor children do citations because "they really don't need to--my research projects teach SO much" and delightfully giggles because she is SO worthy and the librarian so out of the loop and without any understanding of what third and fourth graders need to accomplish, then I realize I need to write. Now I look back at my title and realize I am grumbling--but at least I know no one reads this--yet I have written about it.
On a lighter note, I have finally pieced together enough of Lykkefanten's (I love it! "Elephant" in Danish) Viking socks I can proceed--I need to get the needles into my hands so that I can take out stress in a productive manner. . . and I am using the designer Lorna's Lace (new kitty consumed tag--I think it ended up being "Spring Bouquet") I mentioned in an earlier blog: pretty close in colorway to the pre-existing "Rings of Fire" socks I knitted from Plymouth Happy Feet. The Lorna's Lace is pooling on the cuff, though; I may have to rip my cuff out, divide the yarn and knit every other row (seems as if every time I work over 72 stitches in this yarn, I have that problem).