Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Babies coming!

I remember reading Robert Lawson's classic, Rabbit Hill, as a child: a rabbit named Georgie, young and excitable, goes on an errand--to fetch his crumudgeon uncle. On the way, Georgie sing-songs, "New folks coming, New folks coming."

That's what I feel like: the next generation is coming with eclat. Spencer was born on the 13th of January; who-sit in early May. My needles haven't cooled--although I'm not really sure of the effects. Spencer's mom sent me a thank-you note for overalls, when what the tyke really got was another of the Alice Starmore wee bonnets: I don't know if she is sleep-deprived or not so subtlely telling me that something larger and not so old-fashioned would have been more appreciated. Forewarned, I face-booked Carrie, my niece, and asked her if she wanted to forego the bonnet/sweater routine as done by her slightly old, slightly eccentric aunt: she responded with a responding, "Let the bonnets begin!" Sooooo.... Spencer may end up with store-bought while who-sit toasts in fine wool. I went through my stash and found some Nomotta that was made in the United States sector of Germany!!! This stuff must be older than I am, but it's beautiful: I think it came from my aunt Connie's stash originally. I found a Piecework cardigan (Summer 2007) that uses a combination of stockinette and reverse (sleeves are done on the bias) with ribbon roses: simple but elegant. And then there's the Peer Gynt sweater for Christmas :-)!

I thought to make socks for sale but no one bought into my "see 'um, buy 'um" on-approval plan, so I donated one pair (Socketta) to the school carnival, gave a pair to sister-in-law (humpf! don't read too many blogs back), and have a pair sitting on the shelf for the next gift. I got some lovely merino, though, from Bristol Dyeworks, that I am definitely keeping: it's in a colorway called "Autumn" that reminds me of camouflage! It's nice enough to make me endure the tedium of the squiggle cable pattern.

Sweater tonight, socks this weekend . . . and then maybe the mystery shawl for which I have been saving patterns?