Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am starting over for the fourth time on my Potamus socks. I love the wave action that Cookie A. has used, and I'm using a luscious Lorna's Lace called Edgewater, which separates itself into the colors of calm and stormy sea as one knits. Why four times? I didn't like the YO's the first time, managed to suffer a major catastrophe when I used M1's the second time (distraction leads to various levels of dropped stitches), the third was the swatch (I bet I know where one individual got an idea for the "Naughty" link at Ravelry), and now . . . finally. . . I have those waves swirling in color patterns. The ladies at Happy Hour are determining to mix Panopticon with the likes of Maple Grove in the Knitty ripple pattern from the summer; I'll definitely stick with this for now. (I, too, have Panopticon and Maple Grove, but I love colors in their established time and place.)

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