Monday, October 20, 2008

The shawl is finished . . . almost

I completed the 236 rows of Dorothy Siemen's Flirty Ruffle shawl but am now struggling. I'm applying a border that was originally an Elizabeth Zimmerman edging: it stated to cast on invisibly so as to create an elastic edge on the lace . . . but the edge is stretched out of shape. For once in my life, I am probably knitting too loosely. Heigh ho! It's off to Wild Purls I go!

My friend and co-knitter Jan asked me what was in my queue: she loaned me a sweater pattern, and it's going to be close to see who gets it started first. Then I have another friend, etc., who wants to do My Constant Companion with me. Decisions, decisions (so many projects, so little time: I work full-time in addition to tutoring in addition to college classes in addition to an reading internship. Knitting does tend to keep me sane--or at least, less insane.)

By the way, the emergency room (see September post) was $471--for a bandaid and a tetanus shot. Irritation is a mild word for what I felt when I saw the bill. No nurse will ever demand that I immediately drive 26 miles to town at 10:00 for a knitting needle puncture again: I will get my tetanus shot elsewhere and on my time.

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