Sunday, January 3, 2010


The sweater I've worked on for so long (and more so these past four months) is done, but I hate it. I noticed that one of the cables leading up to the neck was two rows too long, so I raveled just the few stitches that the cable involves. I carefully knitted them correctly--oh, let's be honest--I tried to be careful but was left with too much yarn here, and not enough there, and it's really hard, at least for me, to pull stitches in a cable and get it right. THEN, I knitted the collar AND it's TOO wide. The angle from the picked-stitches to the top of the band is too sharp and the top of the band looks like an overgrown fungus. This is, of course, a pattern where everything has been knit into everything else and unraveling means unraveling everything: 36 ounces of yarn. I'll take it to the shop for suggestions, but right now I am thinking of sewing steek lines down the front and binding off in I-cord. Argh!

And--Turbo is no more! He grew into a very large, very opinionated Manx, and when my son took him down to the barn this past Wednesday (to work off some opinion and to catch a few mice, which he was good at) something else--perhaps a coon, perhaps something larger--cooled my Turbo's opinionated self forever. I'm lonely at the apartment where I live during the workweek: hubby says that it is good not to have a cat (the litter box was his bone of contention) but I think after years of catlessness I disagree. I would even sacrifice more yarn (maybe the sweater!) to have a warm spot on my bed at night and a comedian to laugh at.

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