Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I CAN frog!

This is like true confessions: I did it--ripped out an entire collar and sleeve to resurrect a few misguided stitches at the neck of my sweater. And--since I'm feeling good about it, I definitely did the right thing. I haven't been feeling up to snuff since that move, however; some sort of drag-myself-to-work, drag-myself-to-bed bug has set in pretty hard. I managed to move to the couch last night and work on Susan's entrelac afghan (and watch an episode of "Hawaii Five O"). Thank goodness for mindless drama. Maybe I'll be back to the sweater tonight . . . on the other hand, maybe not.

A first! I got a fave comment on my shetland Alice Starmore tam from an editor (albeit volunteer) at Ravelry. Maybe I should stick with small and stranded. I do have her (Alice's, not the editor's) Mara vest started from years ago--trivia question: where was the Mara vest pattern first published? Clue: you probably have to be as old as I am (and as much of a packrat . . . excuse me, saver) to know this answer:-).

Ah, and before the crud set in, I rewarded myself (for who knows what--the edge of a first semester, the courage to frog?) by starting Stricken. I am in love: they look so good! Why can't big things be as simple?

Is anyone out there? (plaintive sniff)

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